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The rate at which organisations learn and keep up with Skills Development has become a competitive advantage that no company should ignore. Added to this is the challenge of acquiring and retaining a desirable BEE score for Skills Development.

The Revised Codes of Good Practice have elevated Skills Development to the status of a priority element and have set the achievement of a sub-minimum of 40% of the targets set out in the Revised BEE Scorecard. Should a company not achieve the sub-minimum target, its BEE status level will be discounted by one level down.

The Empowerment Academy specialises in offering unique and tailor-made BEE Skills Development solutions to its clients. These turn-key solutions ultimately target the optimisation of these clients’ score for Skills Development on the Transformation Scorecard as specified in the Revised B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

The Academy proposes a practical approach to Skills Development that ensures our clients maximise their BEE points and at the same time achieve tangible results in terms of return on investment on their business and people development strategy.

In the spirit of true transformation, versus mere compliance to the Codes, the Empowerment Academy SETA-logo-300x300embraces BEE as a sustainable strategy that creates intrinsic value for its clients and is beneficial for all parties involved. This can only be achieved through a commitment to ongoing skills development, learning and growth at an individual and organisational level. The Empowerment Academy endeavours to eventually facilitate true transformation that moves beyond the BEE Code’s focus on race to permeating the culture and values of a company and the individuals that make up its work force.

In terms of the BEE Codes, the Empowerment Academy is a QSE (Qualifying Small Enterprise) and has a BEE Level 1 procurement recognition status. It is more than 51% black owned and more than 30% black woman owned. Its major shareholder is the B4i Empowerment Trust. The Empowerment Academy is an accredited training provider with the Services Seta (number 3935).

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